Most Important Online Shopping Websites traits for smooth operation of online clothing stores

In present decade where most of the tasks are being done at our computer and mobile screens, learning more information than probably our brain can process. The impact of this changing pattern is big, especially in the fashion industry. Today, we’re what we share and this is what’s building identities of individuals and brands. If you can be the source of new fashion ideas and inspiration, you can be the leader in world of fashion, people will follow you and buy from you. This article is for you, if you’re a Fashion designer with new ideas aiming to make people follow your trend.

We recently did a round-off survey of Panic Switch Army, A online Sports/Street’s wear shopping cart particularly in southern California on demand from large number of sportswear clothing fans/followers and a tremendous amount of consumer research went into it. Panic switch army is a single name which has assigned its own street wear/sports wear brand which is categorized further into, e.g. Nascar Signature Series collection, Alvarado Collection, Moonshine Collection, The Outlaw collection.
So, let’s get on to the most important user friendly interface elements found within this effective shopping cart when it comes to a Fashion retailer’s websites.
Make it so easy and genuine to boost up the buying process.

Not only should there be a “buy” button that’s easy to find, but there should be a good reason for customers to buy your product easily without a second thought. E.g. Website interface should be Without any cheap lines and fake commitments that can be suspected at that time.

Require as little detail as required for ordering at customer’s end.
It doesn’t require almost for a user to supply a ton of information just to buy something from your website. Opening a account for customer before they can buy something sometimes get their nerves clinched off. A good and leading company always need less amount of details with efficient response.

Frequent Notification about status updates.
People do needed to be intimated on every step of post order process from item dispatch to its delivery, and how much time they have left until their order has been placed.

Show the shipping cost before dispatching.
One big mistake is to hide the shipping cost in total amount until customers get frightened after watching it. This is the wrong way to impose a big price-tag on customer because they might decide that it’s easier to just recover the amount paid rather to understand the vendor’s situation.

Buyers like to know their total payable cost at the time they order the particular item. This includes estimated shipping charges as well. By letting them know what they’ve spent early on, you’ll avoid giving them a shock at the end with litigations all over.

Mentioning the return & refunding policy
Its very important to mention the return and refunding policy in this advance age of cyber stores, as if your product is not suitable or defective to the consumer then you should provide an option to retain the customer with your prompt returning & refunding policies.
Contents should be literal and specified.

The product information you provide to the customers is actually what they order the product believing on. Your customers shouldn’t have to wait until the “checkout” process before they can see what they’ve added to the cart. The shopping cart contents should be easy to understand. The customer shouldn’t have to view images zooming In on to the product constantly, the detailed information should be provided for a specific product.

People like “active carts” – meaning that the information displayed on the page that you’re on changes dynamically based on other shopping activity
Don’t require information to be entered twice.

Customer information is very important for regular delivery of items, but it doesn’t mean that the same information is required on multistep of completing the order, it creates harassment for the buyer and sometimes he quits the buying process immediately. One simple place to attach the customer detail form is on shipping & billing information page.

Keeping all this features in mind Amazon implemented their services with excellent services in their customer shopping interface.

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