Factors to consider before purchasing a DSL Router?

A router that can be wired or wireless, is a narrowed networking device connected to two or more than two networks, running software that allows the router to move data from one network to another. The router perform its functions in an Internet protocol based network gateway which operates at the network layer i.e. OSI Model’s layer 3. The main function of a router is to merge networks together and keeps different kinds of broadcast traffic under its control. There are several companies that manufacture routers, but what the among them Asus DSL N55u Dual Band Wireless N600 Router performs best.
Routers do have their own working. Lets us explain its basic steps:
Step 1- As the router powers on, it loads its own OS from flash.
Step 2- It adds the subnet and network address for each interface.
Step 4- The router consist of a simple static route which is the default, to send the non-local data out from the network port, connected to the transmission line company.
Step 5- When the router gets a web page request from your PC it checks the IP address of the destination against its routing table.
Step 7-The router transfers the packet to the correct interface, to the next coming router, which goes about the process of repetition until the packet reaches the destination.
Routers can act as an integral part of any of the network. Some main functions that it performs are: it restricts broadcasts to the LAN, it acts as the default gateway, it performs protocol translation, helps to move data between different networks, learns itself a new route and path to transfer data and most importantly choose the best among all itself.
If you are using a router as a medium to transfer data packages from one network to another, then there is no need to install a firewall on your PC. This is because on a decent assembled setup any potential hacker ‘examining’ your network will only ‘catches’ the IP address of your router. Routers get secured mostly by default, i.e.: the default setup is a ‘secure’ configuration for linking to the internet without needing any other adjustments.

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